Paint is a generic term for a range of chemical substances that help protect surface a keep them looking good. Paint is defined as a group of emulsion, consisting of pigment suspended in a liquid medium, for use as decorative or protective coating.

Today, contemporary paints and coatings consist of countless compounds uniquely formulated to fulfill the varied requirements of hundreds of thousands of application.

“paint” ranges from the broad group of environmentally-sound latex paint that many consumers use to decorate and protect their homes and the translucent coating that line the interior of food containers, to the chemically-complex, multi-components finishes that automobile manufacturers apply on assembly line.

Though there are different types of paint for different surface, all paints are mixture of four elements- solvent which gives it its flow and enable it to brush on the surfaces, binders for cohesion as well as adhesion to the surfaces, pigments for colour and capacity, and additives which give paint certain special characteristics such as resistance to fungus, algae and rust.

A variety of paint exist for different purpose. Emulsion, Distempers, Lustre and matt finished and exterior finishes for walls; melanine based polyurethane metal and wood.

This large number of paint type combine with the range of products manufactured within each type by any company constitutes a rather complex market.  



The project is designed to be implemented in different phases.

The first phase of the Greenfield industrial liquid paints facility at Alemgena area, will be commissioned within six months time. We are expecting electric

power within this period of time to start production of paints used for internal and external walls.

In the implementation of 2nd phase the project, water and metal paints will be produced. The 3rd phase is for production of car paints. Finally in the last phase, it is planned to produce the raw materials used for paints.

Plans are being drawn up and work on the civil structure for the first phase is almost finalized.

The total number of employees required is estimated at 300.