To foster its real estate development, Sisay Investment Group already acquired a 72,500 m2 land for the real estate development project in the western part of Addis Ababa where all the infrastructures are being realized.

Though the compound sizes and the designs are subject to change, it is planned to build ninety five 500m2 compound and one hundred 300m2 compound G+1 buildings.

The total estimated cost to build the 500m2   and 300m2 buildings are Birr 3,500,000 and USD 2,250,000 each respectively. The total construction project budget is estimated at Birr  775,500,000.

It planned to build the houses in different phases and transfer them to the users after fully completing the construction. To that effect, construction of 31 of the houses has already been started and planned to complete them within 2015/16 fiscal year  .