Ethiopia is the second largest populated country in Africa with a population of over 80 million. Based on its 2nd five year growth and transformation plan, it is still among the fastest growing non-oil producing economies in Africa. This robust and broad based economic growth places Ethiopia among the top performing African and other developing Asian countries.

With over 20 years in the manufacturing business, the Company envisioned the growing potential in the manufacturing sector and established group of companies under the umbrella of Sisay Investment Group. The individual companies under the Group are:

To foster its real estate development, Sisay Investment Group already acquired a 72,500 m2 land for the real estate development project in the western part of Addis Ababa where all the infrastructures are being realized.

Best Plastic Industry was established in 1999, with a capital of Birr 150 Million, with the objective of producing and distributing plastic products. However it started production in its full capacity in early 2002.

 The demand for PVC made commodities such as construction materials, Plastic Pipes, household utilities, ornamental pots, protective wears, foot wears, bags, is increasing due to simplicity of production, durability and relatively cheaper price.


 BSC was established in 2006 maily in the view to do construction works planned by the other sister companies. It was established as a general contractor grade GC-5. It has completed many projects and is currently executing the expansion projects.


 Paint is a generic term for a range of chemical substances that help protect surface a keep them looking good. Paint is defined as a group of emulsion, consisting of pigment suspended in a liquid medium, for use as decorative or protective coating.

In developing countries, the demand for bottled water is driven by many factors: lack of potable ground water, lack of reliable or safe municipal water in many urban areas, chemical and organic pollution of ground water /well water, and lack of convenience relative to boiling or otherwise treating accessible but potentially contaminated water, low promotional activities.