Future Plan and Investment Opportunity

The Company is aspiring to become renowned company in Africa in the coming two years and global company in five years time. With its turnover record of 300% increase since its establishment and its capabilities consistently reinvigorated by a program of proactive investments, this rapidly growing business only seems set to accelerate in the coming years.

Having long time experience in manufacturing sector, it has already finalized the feasibility study and started negotiation with machinery suppliers to install and make operational a mineral water bottling factory within one year time.

Walia Steel industry has also conducted pre-visibility studies on 25 interrelated industries which are intended to be fully operational within coming ten years time. These industries are selected based on the row material availability and their potential for export market or import substitution. The industries need capital investment of $500 million and will be set up in an industry zone in collaboration with foreign investors in some form of Joint venture agreement.

To improve its technical capability and grow significantly, Walia Steel Industry is strongly seeking to establish a range of joint ventures with globally renowned companies.

The geographical location and stability of the Country and the vast market potential make investing in Ethiopia attractive to commercial development. The leading position that Sisay Investment Group performs within assures that it is worth doing business with it. Therefore Sisay Investment Group hereby invites international companies to express their interest in investing in some form of joint venture with Sisay Investment Group.