Founder: Mr. Sisay Tesfaye

A visionary born to survive, bred to win!!

Mr. Sisay Tesfaye challenged the corporate red-tape and proved to his employers (2 decades ago) that nothing can replace "dedicated performance and hard work". Today, after 2 decades this is the same philosophy which drove him to be one of the leading industrialists and market leader is multiple business verticals. This very trend is followed by over 500 successful employees of WSI and Sisay Investment Group.

"We CAN & We WILL" is his slogan to successful daily operations. Highest quality products and thorough customer satisfaction has led to WSI's success stories with existing clientele. As we grow each day penetrating new markets and expanding beyond vision, Mr. Sisay is also cautious of our commitment to all stake holders and clients. This nature of Mr. Sisay has kept him and WSI ahead in the race to the top. Over the last few years, understanding his best business practice and clear vision, many international firms have volunteered to JV with WSI.

From the very inception of a concept to successful implementation of any new business setup/ expansion process, Mr. Sisay has been playing a pivotal role of a leader. He has created job opportunities for 1000's of Local Citizens as a good will to his country and countrymen.  

SISAY INVESTMENT GROUP has taking it as a challenge to be the "BEST" if not the biggest in Global Business Arena.