Mr. Sisay Tesfaye

                                                        Founder and Managing Director

                                            MBA in Business Administration,

                                            BA in Business Management and ,

                                            Diploma in Accounting



                                              Mr. Badege Kebede

                                              General Manager

                                              Bsc in Electrical Engineering


Mr. Girma W/Michael

Manager, Technique  Dept.

                     Bsc in Electrical Engineering 

Mr. Ashenafi Fantahun

Manager, Sales and Marketing Dept.

                    BA in Marketing 


Mr. Habtamu Teshome

Manager, Finance Division 

                   BA in Accounting

Mr. Belay Abagaro

Manager, HR Administration Division 

                  BA in Management 

Mr. Tages Yilma

Manager, Procurement and Material Management

BA in Bsc Rural Development and Family Science

BA Business Administration

Msc in Rural Development


Mr. Mesfin Welde

        Manager, Production Division

    Diploma in Metal Fabrication


Mr. Melaku Fikre

Manager, Legal service


Mr. Ayele G/Mariam

Manager, Internal Audit

            BA accounting